Global Supply Chain Disruption Impacting Printing & Paper Supply

You may be experiencing some level of supply chain disruption in your business. Sudden shifts in consumer demands, rising costs, labor shortages, and transportation issues have resulted in supply shortages in everyday things like toilet paper shortages, groceries, lumber, and computer chips. This global disruption has fully extended to the print and paper industry.

How did this happen to paper?

This global supply chain problem was initially tied to shutdowns of businesses when the pandemic hit. As a result, paper mills were shuttered or converted to alternative products like board or packaging materials. With rising fuel prices and shortages in pulp, chemicals, ship containers, and truck drivers, the industry found less paper availability and rising prices.

How does this affect paper and print?

The worldwide disruption has resulted in the allocation of paper by the mills and results in the:

  • Increases in paper prices
  • Reduction in availability for particular paper sizes, weight, and finish
  • Increases in lead time for the receipt of paper
  • Increases in all production materials
  • Purchasing requirement of full paper cartons

We are taking proactive actions.

At the Standard Group, we take proactive steps to minimize these supply chain disruptions on our customers. Our long-standing relationships with paper mills and distribution partners and excellent credit standing have helped to ensure maximum paper allocations. We even increased our product orders many months in advance to anticipate product shortage, which seems to help slightly.

So what can you do to help?

Plan and be flexible! The situation is very fluid; paper prices and availability are changing daily. You can:

  1. Talk to your account manager about your print and paper need for this year and next.
  2. Confirm your paper specifications and plan well ahead to allow us ample time to order the paper. We are experiencing delays in confirming paper availability as well as the delivery of stock.
  3. Consider alternative paper brands, weights, and finishes. Your preferred paper stock may not be available or has increased significantly in price.
  4. Buy your paper well in advance if you are able. We will work with you on warehousing your paper before production.
  5. Be flexible with your schedule and allow extra time for the completion of your projects.

Economists are projecting these supply chain disruptions and pricing pressures will extend possibly into 2023. Until the supply chain is corrected, plan ahead, be flexible with your paper choices, and work with your account executive. We will do our utmost to help keep your project on schedule and minimize the rising material costs on your overall budget.

We thank you for your business, and we appreciate your patience as this supply situation will take some time to resolve.

For questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with your account manager or contact us at info@standardgroup or 800-356-3264.


Jim Rowland

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