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Due to an unprecedented 2.6 million decline in total students over the last decade, colleges and universities are investing more in advertising, marketing, and promotion. This marketing and advertising boom by colleges and universities is in response to the enrollment cliff and the increasing public skepticism towards the need to attend college.

A SimpsonScarborough survey found that colleges and universities spend between $429 and $623 on marketing per year per enrolled student.

66.6% of surveyed colleges
issue printed viewbooks.

Print is an essential communication tool for colleges and universities because it can increase student engagement. With printed pieces that resonate with prospective students, they love to share them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat feeds.

“In my time working with them, The Standard Group has made for an exemplary partner. Their craftsmanship and acumen have enabled us to produce high-quality print designs on a consistent basis. That, and their exceptional client service, is why we regularly entrust them with some of our most visible pieces.”

– John Lepak,
Design Director, The New School

Students love print communications

The Standard Group has worked with hundreds of private schools, colleges, and universities to help them control their costs, improve engagement and get results. Let us guide, manage, and execute your print communication to deliver on your events, attract critical prospective students, and motivate your alums to action. From brochures to viewbooks, mailers to magazines, open houses to alum events, capital campaigns to fundraising, and drip campaigns, we can execute and deliver your marketing and communication to prospective students and alums.

Engage & Enroll Students with Personalized Direct Mail Drip

“The Standard Group excels in printing for the Higher Ed market. They are our go-to printer and business partner, believing in remarkable print quality and control….They have advised us on various solutions that embraced our brand update and surpassed the needs and goals of our university. I love how they treat each project with the same level of importance, whether it’s a new job or a reprint; the results are always exceptional print.”

– Diego Rios, Art Director, Communications + Marketing, New York Institute of Technology

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