It’s Bigger Than Business

Part of print excellence is embracing broader responsibility.
The Standard Group is committed to delivering exceptional print solutions with minimal environmental impact. We recognize the vital importance of sustainability and are dedicated to providing eco-friendly printing options without compromising on quality or service.

We’re Eco-Friendly

As an “Energy Smart” business, we participate in PJM Demand Response network and conserve electricity during peak periods.

Investing in the latest logistical software for our fleet translates to faster deliveries, reduced fuel & fewer trucks on the road.

Advocates for recycling and reducing waste, we recycle over 2,500 lbs of plates every quarter and 1 tractor trailer load of paper every 3-5 days.

We are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), ensuring that we utilize paper sourced from sustainable, legal, and verified forests.

Print One. Plant One.

Convert your paper footprint into actual trees.

Expand your sustainability efforts by planting trees in forests that need it most.

Select your forestry project and grow our global forest system one print job at a time.

Monitor your lifetime environment impact on your PrintReleaf Dashboard.

We feature Eco-LED-UV Printing

According to the EPA, LED-UV printing is the most environmentally friendly printing process available today.

LED-UV Inks are safer than traditional UV with mercury vapor lamps. And LED-UV bulbs last longer and are more energy efficient.

LED-UV Inks cure almost instantaneously and require no additional drying time or need for spray powder.

LED-UV Inks are 99.5% free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and do not release VOCs into the environment.

Eco Apparel & Promotional Products

Show your love of the environment by sourcing sustainable promotional products and apparel. We can enhance your brand by sourcing products made of renewables like bamboo, hemp, or Jute. Or help you find soft moisture-wicking tech clothing that are also made from recycled water bottles and old plastic benches. Or find you products made of wheat straw, an innovative biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based plastic.

Let’s talk Sustainability. Want to schedule a meeting with our print & promotional advisors? Schedule Now.