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Essential Packaging

Packaging is an essential component in the marketing and protection of your product. Often, it’s the first experience your user has with your brand, message, and value. Whether you want to launch a new product, create an irresistible invitation, send sales kits to prospects, welcome a new employee kit, or send goodies to influencers, we can help you design and develop suitable packaging for your job.

Want a custom folding carton to sell and protect your new product? We can create mockups and die lines to help you visualize, test, and quickly lay out your designs. Want a new student welcome kit or influencer kit that is strong enough for the rigor of the mail system and enticing enough for your prospects to open? We’ll help you design suitable packaging with inserts, trays, and insulation to present and protect your product.

We can provide the packaging solution to fit your objective and budget. From print direct-to-corrugated to custom-converted boxes or unique and luxurious turned-edge boxes, we’ll guide you through the entire process.

Key Features & Benefits

When choosing the proper packaging solution, also make sure to consider your product’s size, shape, fragility, and weight.

The proper packaging also serves several essential features and benefits, including:

  1. Protection: Packaging protects products during transportation, handling, and storage, which helps to prevent damage, contamination, and spoilage.
  2. Convenience: Packaging makes it easier for customers to handle, carry, and store products. It can also provide features such as resealable closures and easy-open mechanisms, making products more convenient.
  3. Information: Packaging can convey important information about the product, such as its ingredients, nutritional information, usage instructions, and expiration date. This helps customers to make informed decisions and use the product safely and effectively.
  4. Branding: Packaging is crucial in branding and marketing, as it is often the first point of contact between the customer and the product. Packaging design, color, and graphics can create a distinctive brand identity and attract customers.
  5. Sustainability: Packaging can be designed to minimize environmental impact by reducing waste, using eco-friendly materials, and promoting recycling and reuse.
  6. Tamper-evident features: Packaging can have features that show if the product has been opened or tampered with, providing a sense of security to the customer.

Packaging Solutions

  • Dimensional Direct Mailers
  • Custom Product Launch Sales Kit
  • New Student Welcome Kit
  • New Employee Welcome Kit
  • Influencer Kits
  • Packaging
  • Point-of-Sale & Displays
  • Price Cards & Tent Cards

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